Providing superior and excellent services comes so natural for United Van Der Horst, that anything less would seem illogical. We let our customers benefit beyond the reconditioning and manufacturing facilities in-house by offering additional other services at customer factory premises, such as in-situ machining, equipment overall and spare part supply. United Van Der Horst exchange programmed has been introduced to assist our customers in cutting costs by fast delivery of replacement units. We can ensure ability of fully reconditioned units prior to planned or un-plannedd overhauls. Through efficient delivery of all reconditioned and/or spare parts, technical support and other services, customer gets first class reliability, availability and safety for all equipments. Multi-skilled field service engineers an attend to problems on-board ships, rigs or platforms anywhere in world short notice. Take advantage of our experience and expertise in serving customers, as our goal is to make your equipments cost effective for lifetime.


United Van Der Horst has a well equipped, high precision machine shop with horizontal boring machines, centre lathe machines, vertical turret lathes, crank-shaft grinding machine, universal milling machine, radial drilling machine, etc for machining jobs up to 1.2 meter diameters and in excess of 10 meter length.


At United Van Der Horst, with the innovation of Van Der Horst-Holland for advanced chrome plating technologies such as "Porous Krome" and "hard chrome" plating for different diesel engine components & various other parts of hydraulics. United Van Der Horst can easily boast about its excellence safety. Components are chrome plated with hardness up to 60-65 HRC and are super finish to achieve required surface finish value. Porous chrome plating processes provides better lubrication and lower wear rate resulting in longer service life of Diesel Engine Components, Cylinder Components. Plating process followed by United Van Der Horst has been approved by American Bureau Society (ABS) and tested at NABL approved laboratory for Salt Bath Test, Chrome peel off test, Hardness Test.


Honing can be done to a very close tolerance and with high surface finish value. With their self-aligning mechanism we are capable of maintaining the concentricity and circularity within 5 to 10 microns. Our valued customer bear testimony to our competence of our two Gehring make German vertical honing machines. Jobs with bore diameter up to 1200mm and length in excess of 8 meters, can easily be honed on our vertical honing machines.


United Van Der Horst can be dispatch trained team with specially designed tools of unique characteristics to carry out on-site machining of jobs on grooves of flanges, hatches, man holes, bores, face and mating surfaces.


The three nos. Friedrich Schmaltz-German make cylindrical grinding machines equipped with CNC controlled, cylindrical cum crank-shaft grinding facility. At United Van Der Horst we ensure that jobs are immediately undertaken to precision grinding and are super-finished with accuracy of 0.001mm that is 01 micron. Jobs with diameters up to 1250 mm ad lengths in excess of 11 meters are easily accommodated.


Our welding capabilities cover the entire spectrum of welding - SMAW, SAW, GTAW, MMAW, TIG, MIG and other such as for pressure containing parts, overlays. With approval for specialized welding like Aluminium Bronze Cladding from ABS-Houston wee can provide wear and tear resistance surface for load, guide bearing components. Our capacity to handle welding of components in excess of 10 tons makes handling of welding components of various type very convenient.


The Electrical Stress relieving furnace is computer controlled which ensures the right cooling and heating rate. It is equipped with two heavy duty blower which ensures uniform temperature all around the furnace. With its mechanized door and trolley operations one can get the excess of job very easily. This can take jobs up to size 8 meter cube. The maximum temperature achievable is 900° C


United Van Der Horst can pressure test equipment up to 21000 psi with Hydraulic / Water pressure. Hydraulic pressure testing facility up to 1200 liters with proper filtration attachment to ensure no contamination.

Inspection Services

Our inspection department is fully trained in all kind of inspection activities including DP, MPI, UT, Radiography etc. in-house surface cleaning facilities ensure minimum time loss before inspection.