What really distinguishes us from the others is that we recondition by RESTANDARDIZING and not DESTANDARDIZING


Advanced chrome plating technologies such as "Porous Krome" and "hard chrome" plating for different diesel engine components & various other parts of hydraulics.


Honing can be done to a very close tolerance and with high surface finish value. With their self-aligning mechanism we are capable of maintaining the concentricity and circularity within 5 to 10 microns.


United Van Der Horst can be dispatch trained team with specially designed tools of unique characteristics to carry out on-site machining of jobs on grooves of flanges, hatches, man holes, bores, face and mating surfaces.


The three nos. Friedrich Schmaltz-German make cylindrical grinding machines equipped with CNC controlled, cylindrical cum crank-shaft grinding facility.


Our welding capabilities cover the entire spectrum of welding - SMAW, SAW, GTAW, MMAW, TIG, MIG and other such as for pressure containing parts, overlays.


The Electrical Stress relieving furnace is computer controlled which ensures the right cooling and heating rate. It is equipped with two heavy duty blower which ensures uniform temperature all around the furnace.


Well equipped, high precision machine shop with horizontal boring machines, centre lathe machines, vertical turret lathes, crank-shaft grinding machine, universal milling machine, radial drilling machine, etc.


We can pressure test equipment up to 21000 psi with Hydraulic / Water pressure. Hydraulic pressure testing facility up to 1200 liters with proper filtration attachment to ensure no contamination.


Our inspection department is fully trained in all kind of inspection activities including DP, MPI, UT, Radiography etc. in-house surface cleaning facilities ensure minimum time loss before inspection.

Max Support

We are proud to inform you that UVDHL is now a part of the Max Spare Group of companies (PREVIOUSLY KNOWN AS SPAREAGE SEALS LIMITED) one of the largest suppliers of HYDRAULIC, PNEUMATIC AND ROTARY SEALS AND O-RINGS SINCE 1959

UVDHL is set apart from the rest of the competition as we move onto forward integration with the fastest deliveries possible due to our backing in Seals and tech support from the seal giants Max Spare Limited

Built on Process Performance

It all started during First World War

Dr. Hendrick Van Der Horst developed the first effective method of inducing porosity into chrome surface finish, thus pioneering the world's porous chroming industry in 1995. His "Porous Krome" process has made possible the economic reclamation of countless number Diesel, gas and other engine / compressor / Hydraulic cylinder parts over the intervening years.

Electroplating is an integrated process at United Van Der Horst. We provide perfectly matched concepts for equipment, chemistry and services. Our program covers technologies for the entire spectrum of decorative and functional surface treatment for various materials. United Van Der Horst's plating technology proves its quality and dependability wherever a brilliant finish, corrosion protection and durability are in demand.

Think Globally - Service locally

Uited Van Der Horst was established as a Public Limited Company in 1990 to offer "Porous Krome" plating technology and other specialized reconditioning services to the core sectors in India. By combining the patented chrome plating techniques and highly specialized welding processes, the company provides Design, Developments, Manufacturing, Reconditioning and Re-standardizing services to Marine, Oil Field, Power plants, Railways, Petrochemicals Ming and other processing industries. Within a short span the company not only received a wide satisfied customer base, but also received API 6A, API SPEC Q1, API QMS -REGISTER, API TS-29001.

This certificates issued by the American Petroleum Institute shows the company's dedication towards the High quality standards and ensures commitment to modern quality systems, sound engineering and operating practices.

Conditioned to Grow

The Very Best for your success - Our people

Behind every job lies sound team work of 275 well reputed, efficient and effective workforce. Our engineers are practical men who would welcome as opportunity to analyze any maintenance / reclamation situation and provide definite answers as to which of the process or combination of process would best solve the process in the most economic manner. We strive to be ahead combining the strength of technology with creativity and determination of a dedicated team.

Becoming better every day - A Promise

Working in extreme conditions has enhanced our motivations, competitive, spirit and drive for improvement. A successful blend of performance and responsibilty to the customers has made United Van Der Horst the number one company in this field. Discovering solutions to your problems helps us to develop our technologies so that we continue meeting tomorrow's need today.