The three nos. Friedrich Schmaltz-German Make cylindrical grinding machines equipped with CNC controlled, cylindrical cum crank shaft grinding facility. At United Van Der Horst we ensure that jobs are immediately are undertaken for precision grinding. We are capable to ground various jobs with an surface finish accuracy of 0.01 mm i.e. 10 microns.

Capacity : Jobs with diameter up to 1250 mm and lengths in excess of 11 meters are easily accommodated.


German make vertical Honing machine with its unique self aligning mechanism, due to which concentricity & circularity can be maintained within 5 to 10 microns. This unique feature make this machine different from conventional horizontal honing machine. Our valued customers bear testimony to our competence with our two Gehring make — German machines.

Capacity : Jobs with bore diameter up to 1200 mm & length in excess of 8 meters, can easily be honed on our Vertical Honing machine.


In situ machining facility available at United Van Der Horst can do face machining up to 1.5 meter diameter with the help of a pneumatic drive. API ring groove can also be repaired with help of this In situ machine. Successful jobs done are - Repair of Jacking system's Hub in/out board seating face for Trasnocean Offshore


Three number Jungenthal make German Vertical Turret Lathes to perform high accuracy machining such as turning and groove grinding. Jobs such as Main Engine Components like Piston Crown, Cylinder Cover, Oil Field equipments like Mud Pump module, API Spools and Flanges, Wind Mill )arts like King Pin, parts of Hydraulic Cylinders can easily be machined with good accuracy and surface finish.

Capacity : Diameters up to 1.5 meters and height up to 1.5 meters can be easily accommodated.


Piston crown for diesel engines are ground to an accuracy of 0.01mm on our Vertical Turret Lathes. This tolerance is lowered to a much higher accuracy whenever required. Also machine is equipped with DRO (Digital Read Out) for accurate machining.

Capacity : Diameters up to 900 mm can easily be ground.


Jungenthal Make, German Origin horizontal boring machine which can easily handle jobs like 2 meter diameter Bull Gear, Cyinder Heads in excess to 1000 mm bore dia., Nitrogen compressor cylinder bore up to 800mm dia., Rolling mill equipments like work roll and back-up roll chokes of size 1500 mm dia. are easily be machined on our boring machine.

Capacity : With its rotating table of 1 x 1 meter and with spindle of diameter 150mm we can machined jobs having horizontal travel up to 3 meters, vertical travel of up to 1.5 meters with weighing capacity of 15 T.


Van Der Horst —Holland due to their innovations in advance chrome plating technologies such as its patented "Porous Krome", set up its plant in India to cater customers in South Asia. United Van Der Horst has boost its excellence in porous and hard chrome plating for different diesel engine parts and various other components of hydraulics, with due considerations to environmental safety. Components are chrome plated with hardness up to 60-65 HRC and are super finish to achieve required surface finish value. Plating process followed by United Van Der Horst has been approved by American Bureau Society (ABS) and tested at NABL approved laboratory for Salt Bath Test, Chrome peel off test, Hardness Test.

Capacity : Jobs with maximum diameter of 1 meter and length in excess to 10meters can easily be chrome plated at our plant.


At United Van Der Horst everybody is more cautious about the quality, and to get the best results in chrome plating a good amount of investment made by the management as a result of innovative suggestion by Quality control department. De-mineralized water is used in chrome plating to reduce the contamination level of chronic solution.


United Van Der Horst has always believed as an environmental friendly industry. Chrome plating fumes / effluent emerging from plating process is controlled by an in house effluent treatment plant prior to disposal, as per environmental norms. These chrome plating flumes are hazardous to health and therefore, and investment has been made in the form of high capacity blower which runs 24 hrs a day for removal of this flumes from 8 chrome plating tanks.


Like chrome fumes, disposal of liquid waster also a major issue for plant based on chrome plating. Specially designed waste handling system in conjunction with MIDC waste management department transforms the liquid waste in to solid waste before disposing. Thus preventing pollution of ground water.


United Van Der Horst has qualified team with calibrated equipments for various types of Lab tests such as chemical analysis to monitor consistency of chrome plating and chemical analysis of other ingredients which are used in the chrome plating process. We do regular routine check ups for sulphur, iron and chrome percentage present in plating solution to maintain required surface hardness.


All three bays of the plant are fully equipped with 8 EOT cranes with the capacity of up to 25 T. All consignments can be unloaded and mobilized to all the processing areas for various jobs within the plant and can be loaded directly from the dispatch section into the vehicles.


Submerged Arc Welding (SAW) - With the help of 10 ton positioner, our welding expertise find it easy for welding over wide range of products like AGC cylinder, Work roll chock, Pinion - Shaft, Bevel Gears, Pinion, Piston, Piston Head and many more components with submerged arc welding process

Capacity : We can easily handle components in excess of 10 T for welding components of various types & shapes.


At United Van Der Horst, we got approved WPS (welding procedure specification) from third parties like ABS, DNV, IRS for the specific application & based on the material of composition which are tested at certified laboratory. Also our welders are 6G approved. Our welding capabilities cover the entire spectrum of welding - SMAW, SAW, TIG, MIG, etc. Our specialized welding like Aluminium Bronze cladding is approved by ABS - Houston. These processes are specifically for load / guide / bearing application and not to avoid scoring, wear & tear etc. for internal and external components such as exhaust valve spindle ad exhaust valve seat's damaged faces are weld build up using stellite weld material to provide hard and wear resistance surface. All the electrodes are baked at a temperature of 150°C to 200°C prior to welding to achieve sound welding.


Microprocessor controlled Electrical Stress relieving furnace ensures the right cooling and heating rate. It is equipped with two over head mounted heavy duty blower which ensures uniform temperature all around the furnace. With its mechanized door and trolley operations one can get the excess of job very easily.

Capacity : This can take jobs up to size of 8m3, (2mx2mx2m). The maximum achievable temperature is 900°C.


With oil reservoir capacity of in excess of 1500 liters we can easily test all types of hydraulically operated cylinders up to pressure of 300 bar and more using self-made power pack. The filtration unit attached to the power pack enables in maintaining the NAS value less than 10 microns. For servo controlled equipments the NAS value will be maintained less than 5 before connecting the system with the equipment. The auto cycling facility present in our power-pack makes use to provide a smooth and jerk free operation for all hydraulically operated equipments.


United Van Der Horst can pressure test equipment up to 21000 psi Hydraulic / Water Pressure. Various Oil Field components such as Riser Pipes, Adaptor Spool, etc are successfully been tested at pressure up to 15000 psi.


At United Van Der Horst we also provide load test of different hydraulic components at a pressure up to 600 bar on our load testing pit. Various type of hydraulic cylinders are been successfully load tested at pressure up to 600 bar as per the requirement of customer. The load testing process is carried out with all the safety needs.


The company has well equipped instruments for testing of incoming raw material as well as all the reconditioning or repair jobs for destructive, non-destructive and metallurgical testing. At United Van Der Horst we thoroughly test each and every components for any internal cracks or discontinuities using ultrasonic crack detector machine. Ultrasonic testing g is carried as per the procedure mentioned in ASME Section V.


At United Van Der Horst we are continuously striving to provide a very excellent quality of work. Our Quality Engineers are continuously monitoring the quality of all jobs in respect of its surface finish, surface hardness, surface irregularities, etc at our workshop. Hence to measure and record all these parameters we have Digital surface Reference Tester of Make Mituto, Japan which enable us to measure the surface finish value in microns. Also the portable Universal Hardness tester with HRC, HRB & HV measuring scale showss the required surface hardness.


To measure the coating thickness on ferromagnetic and magnetic materials we have Ultrasonic Coating Thickness tester, Make Amruta Electronics.


API approved Quality Control System with qualified personnel with CAD knowledge which enable us to generate all kind of pre inspection report and final inspection report. All kind of Non Destructive Testing facility is available with United Van Der Horst Quality control department which includes UT, MPI, LPT test. All kind of calibrated measuring equipments are available with diameter up to 1200mm, Surface finish tester and Hardnesss tester.


At United Van Der Horst one can find all wide range of measuring instruments. Different measuring instruments such as outside micrometer for measuring diameters from zero to 1200mm, bore gauges for measuring bore diameters from 10mm to 1000mm, inside micrometer, slip gauges, vernier calipers, depth gauges for measuring depths from zero up to 300mm, filler gauges, dial indicator, etc are available with us.


At United Van Der Horst we thoroughly test each and every components for any discontinuities on top & sub-surface of the ferromagnetic material using coil and yoke method for MPI. The MPI process followed at United Van Der Horst is as per the procedure mentioned in ASME Section V.


Proven surface preparation techniques are available like, Vapour Blasting & Glass bead blasting to activate the chrome plated surface in the right manner to get the best bonding strength between the surfaces. Glass bead blasting machine is specially designed for complex geometry for which activation though conventional chrome eitch process is very difficult or not possible.

Capacity : This machine can easily accommodate job size of up to 500 mm diameter & length 1000mm.


Grit blasting facility available at UNnited Van Der Horst can accommodate job of size in excess to 75 m3 (i.e. 5 mts x 5 mts x 3 mtrs Height) and weight in excess to 25 tonnes. Blasting area is well connected with all departments like plating, welding, assembly & dismantling section.


KARCHER make 200 bar pressure Hot & Cold High pressure steam cleaning machine can clean almost any kind of surface. All parts are high pressure steam cleaned before preparation of initial inspection report.